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Zonal statistics at municipality level


I am working with the collection 3.1 zonal statistics dataset at the municipality level, which is provided under Downloads. In a sample of 525 Amazon municipalities, I find the following pattern: For each of these municipalities, for at least one year, say t, the area under “natural forests” (land cover id 2 as per collection 3.1) increases in t+1 and then decreases in t+2. I am confused as to why this is happening. As per my understanding, this should not happen - especially because, as per the methodology documentation, such transitions were corrected for in post-classification. Any explanations for why this is happening would be very useful.

Thank you!

There are several possibilities for that to happen in long time series such this one in Collection 3.1. For example, a fire or degradation event in one year that is recovered; heavy log in one area; regeneration followed by a clear cut of a secondary forest; It has to be analysed case by case.

The temporal filter correct the changes (Natural Forest > XXX > Natural Forest) happen in the same pixel.

all the best.

I see. Thank you for your help.
Just to be sure, something like Natural Forest > XXX > XXX > Natural Forest is allowed?

Yeah. Something like Natural Forest > XXX > XXX > Natural Forest is allowed in Amazon Biome.