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What month is the data collected?

I have a question about the timing of data collection. Is there any information available about which month in the year the data is from? Specifically, we are trying to understand the yearly transition data from 1999 to 2005. If the data is collected towards the end of the year, we would assume the transition happens mostly in year 2 (example year 2000), or if the data is collected in the beginning we would assume it happens in year 1 (example 1999).

This is of importance to our research as we are trying to see if there are connections between deforestation and a policy in Brazil, which was specifically implemented in the fall.

I would be most thankful for any help with this,


Hello Sara,

We use all available images of the year to produce a mosaic with temporal index (min, max, amplitude, STD) and the images of the best period to map each biome to produce a mosaic with MEDIAN reducer. The best period for each biome is documented in https://mapbiomas.org/atbd-3