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Regular grid of tiles


I was wondering where I could find the regular grid of tiles that I have seen it is mentioned in many of your publications. They usually say this grid of tiles it is compatible with the 1:250000 international cartographic charts and it is the grid that is used to divide the biomes (at least the Cerrado) to classify tile by tile.

I cannot seem to find it anywhere and I would really appreciate if you could direct me to it!

Thank you very much for all your great work!! Really good set of tools and data.


Hi Carlota!

It’s not easy to find this data on the internet, so we created ours following the grid pattern 1: 250000.

You can download the shapefile using this link below:



Hi Joao!

Thank you very much! I am really new to remote sensing and gis, so I still don’t know what can be found out there or what I would have to create. So thank you very much for sharing it and for the quick reply, really appreciate it!